Riveting Stuff

Riveting Stuff

I have never read a press-release from a Team or Driver after a raceweekend and my inbox is filled with them every monday. I truly believe the people that care about what happened already know about it and everyone else will not suddenly start caring because they receive an email or a notification.

I might be wrong of course, in which case here I am right on the heels of my first race of 2023, telling you all about it. Typing down how we started from pole position, lead the whole race (are you impressed by how fast I am yet?) but then had a technical problem and finally finished somewhere in the top 10.

Riveting stuff.

I'd much rather try to create something that might have some value.

This whole blog will be almost exclusively about actual things that will make you a faster driver, 100% guarantee.

No fluff about my racing results.

Unless I win of course.

This past weekend I witnessed yet again thow the technical aspects of driving, be it braking technique or throttle application or whatever else, are nowhere near as important as the pyscological attitude of the drivers.

"Mental state" we could call it

Yes, I know it sounds abstract and new age, on the face of it, just unactionable word salad.

Far from it.

If you want to improve as a driver you really only need to do two things:

  1. focus exclusively on what matters
  2. stop finding "explanations" (I'd call them excuses but it's the first blog post and I'll take it easy for now) as to why you did not apply point 1.

Anybody that had the pleasure of working with me, more accurately being worked by me, already knows what point 1 is.

For anybody else reading this (is there anybody?) I will see you next Monday.