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Coaching is unlocking your potential and maximising your level of performance by increasing your competence. It is a process focused on helping you understand your innate skills just as much as it is about learning new ones. My job is to determine your weak and strong points and create the best system and environment to reach your goals.

Image of Gabriele Piana coaching a client
Working with Gabriele

The Three Pillars of Coaching

I love efficiency and I only coach because I truly believe a vast amount of resources are regularly wasted in the pursuit of performance. Without fully understanding how much difference even the smallest and simplest driving input can make, it becomes a frustrating, fruitless and expensive exercise to just drive hoping to get faster. My goal is to shape you into a more knowledgeable driver, which in turn will make you safer, faster, more consistent and more economical. To do this, I developed Three Pillars of Coaching.

Simple, not easy

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Driving is just an uninterrupted chain of surprisingly simple tasks. I focus heavily on these fundamentals to shape knowledgeable, reliable and consistent race drivers.

Together we will:

  • Strip driving technique down to their fundamental steps
  • Employ focused strategies to improve fundamental skills
  • Consciously replace bad habits with good ones
  • Increase driving technique awareness
  • Remove variables by deploying solid repeatable technique

Smart, not hard

“Proper coaching is the most valuable investment in your hobby or career.“

Limited seat time, limited budget, limited resources and one goal. Get faster. With years of experience in driving and coaching I make sure you get the most value out of each lap.

Together we will:

  • Adopt logical data driven approach to learning new tracks
  • Focus on accurate debriefing to maximise setup work efficiency
  • Develop a strategic deployment of resources
  • Exploit all available track-time
  • Employ a data driven risk mitigation over performance gain


“Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.“

Teaching how to drive a track or a car is by nature limited to that specific environment. My goal instead is to give you the necessary tools to understand how to drive any car, anywhere.

Together we will:

  • Understand the detectable effect of driving technique on car balance
  • Improve your ability to automatically recognize poor technique while driving
  • Increase your understanding on how to use the available controls to achieve specific goals
  • Form the ability to ask yourself the right questions and come up with the correct answers
  • Create a mental database of expected car behaviours based on your inputs
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What Clients have to say:

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    Michael Schrey

    NLS & ADAC GT4 Champion

    Die Zusammenarbeit mit Gabi ist für mich eine sportliche und persönliche Herzensangelegenheit, weil ich weiß, wie wichtig Analyse und Teamplay für den Erfolg sind. Nach zwei intensiven Jahren im Rahmen verschiedener Meisterschaften mit Höhen und Tiefen und dem Gewin der ADAC GT4 Germany haben wir uns gegenseitig stets ergänzt und gepusht, wobei ich von seinen Fähigkeiten als Coach und Mensch nachhaltig profitiert habe.

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    Mustafa Mehmet Kaya

    N24 & NLS Champion SP8T

    I met Gabriele by coincidence in 2015 and we started training and racing together in 2016. We won many races and championships since then and I look forward to many more years of success as a team! When coaching, Gabriele is fully committed in improving your driving and he will clearly let you know where and what you should be working on. Don’t go in expecting any pampering, he’s as honest as they get, but if you are genuinely looking to improve, the results are undeniable!

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    Cabell Fisher

    NLS, ADAC GT4, Peter Auto

    Gabriele is at least as motivated as me to improve my driving skills, maybe more. He’s direct, honest, and will not shy away from pointing out where I should and can improve my technique to reduce lap times. Further, Gabriele has a unique ability to explain complex racing and driving techniques in ways which makes them easy to absorb and implement on track. His passion for racing and coaching is contagious and drives me to always try harder and drive faster.

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    Arpad Viszokay

    2022 NES500 Champion

    I started working with Gabriele two years ago. I had experience with other coaches before and I was really shocked by Gabriele’s style. With him, you will get 100% honest feedback, concise, clear and with no mercy. Gabriele will not only highlight any area of improvement but will also provide a simple to understand cause-effect relation to as to why a specific technique will improve my performance. This creates an organic and natural virtuous circle where I genuinely look forward to hear his feedback to further improve my knowledge and performance. If you are well committed to your future than you are in the right place, here you have the opportunity to work with a commited professional. If you just like to drive on track for fun, Gabriele might not be the right person for you.

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    Saif Assam

    Goodwood, Peter Auto, ADAC GT4

    Being coached by Gabriele is an eye opening experience. He was able to take me from over 10 years out of the sport to competing at the ADAC GT4 in a matter of a few test days. The key was his ability to distil the data into a handful of practical and workable improvements for me each time I went out on track. I could digest and focus on low hanging fruit to get me into competitive lap times in relative short order. Besides all this, he’s an outstanding guy and most importantly I’ve made a good friend.

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    Paul Harkema


    After 12 years of racing he still presented techniques I did not know. Gabriele is a very hands on coach, he takes his time and explains the principles in a very clear and easy way. The whole process is not focused on a specific track or environment, other related examples from other situations are used as well and this helps building a driving technique that will work no matter the event. Also, he is a cool guy, fun to hang out with!

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    Emir Asari


    Working with Gabriele is always a pleasure. After understanding my basic technical needs, he guided me wisely for improving my skills and placed me on the right path. His specific knowledge about the Nürburgring Nordschleife was also extremely helpful to optimize the workflow on track focusing on the parts that really mattered.

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    Lucas Bscher

    Lotus Cup Europe

    I have been racing and doing track-days for some years with various coaches. I have always had the most improvements with Gabriele, who always manages to get the most out of you through a very hands on approach pushing you beyond what you thought you could do by making you understand the principles of going fast and a lot of data coaching.

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    Marat Khayrov

    SMP GT4 Russia

    I was advised to invite Gabriele to coach me and analyze my performance and approach of my team. Since the very first lap, which ended up with open bonnet at 232 km/h, it was clear that we have professional at wheel and car was safe! Joking, but true. Gabriele has shown a great effort in every session and we’ve progressed a lot by adjusting the car and my personal driving mistakes. That has truly inspired us as we could see the real potential of the car and we definitely look forward to our new races and coaching session together

Image of Gabriele Piana Coaching
Image of Gabriele Piana Coaching
Image of Gabriele Piana Coaching
Gabriele Piana grabbing his helmet, getting ready for a racing stint.

Gabriele Piana - Racing Coach